Normandy Apple Tart Recipe

apple tart

We know that not all events are corporate and for those times when you are hosting your own, personal event, it’s useful to have a battery of “go to” recipes. This classic Normandy apple tart recipe combines the subtle taste of almonds with caramelised apples and can be made the day before, freeing up your time to spend with your guests.  Read more here

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VROOM.!! Three Special Motorsports Venues


The way we see it a museum is never JUST a museum.  All those exciting possibilities.  Some of the most versatile meeting and function spaces are within museums and in particular motorsports museums.  In this post we are going to share 3 of our favourites in the UK: 

Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire


The first thing one thinks about when Beaulieu is mentioned is the famous motor museum, but it also stands in huge grounds and boasts some beautiful historical venues.  The museum itself offers an unusual venue for events of up to 1000 guests with the possibility of hosting dinner around the fantastic historic cars.  But if you are looking for something more traditional, you should consider Palace House, the 16th century ancestral home of Lord Montagu that lends itself perfectly to elegant dinners.   If that wasn’t enough, should you need some truly big space, the grounds of the museum and house will hold hundreds of guests.  Don’t worry about parking – there is more than enough; and don’t worry about finding the venue – it’s is very well signposted from the motorway and all the main roads.


Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire

heritage motor centre

The Heritage Motor Centre houses the largest collection of British heritage motor cars in the world.  Opened in 1993, the modern building is Art deco style and has a dedicated conference and exhibition suite accommodating  up to 600 delegates.  it also boasts 3 dedicated lecture rooms and  function space with lots of daylight and views over the Warwickshire countryside.  One of the most exciting things about the heritage Motor Centre is the range of add-on activities that delegates can enjoy in conjunction with your event.  Delegates can take a museum tour, have the Landrover experience or do sporting activities outside such as clay pigeon shooting or archery.


Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge


 Slick, modern and stylish, Mercedes-Benz World is something unique and special.  It is a super-modern venue with a strong focus on motorsports and in particular Mercedes-Benz.  Adjacent to the centre is a purpose-built racing track where delegates can let off steam at high speed.  The whole venue sits on the site of the old Brooklands Racing Circuit – very exciting for motorsports enthusiasts.  if you need accommodation for your delegates, the contemporary 4 star deluxe Brooklands Hotel is next door.

You have no excuse to put up with a dull, grey meeting room – call us now on 0333 355 0845 for some more suggestions for thrilling and inspirational venues for your next event. 

We are here to make you look good x

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The F Word

Oh tut! Not THAT  F-word.  Not the F word that is bandied around by certain celebrity chefs at every opportunity. 

gordon ramsayI am talking about the other F word that instantly makes people suspicious – FREE.

I love Free; it’s one of my favourite words.  But not so for many others.  You might hear….

“there’s no such thing as a free lunch”

“nothing is free”

“where is the catch?!”

I am going to tell you a secret - I am going to tell you about something that is free with no catches, no contracts, no selling your soul to the devil…. Read more »

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5 Reasons to Visit Southern Norway

beach norway

I am so lucky in my work that I have the chance to travel such a lot and to share my experiences with you.  Scandinavia is hot news at the moment and has been for a little while.  It’s hardly surprising given the wide open spaces, healthy lifestyle, long beautiful coastlines and good food. 

If you have been considering Norway as a destination for personal travel or for corporate event, then my recent article on SheKnows might whet your appetite. 

Read my 5 Reasons to Visit Southern Norway here.

And if that has you thinking about holding your next event in Norway give us a call on 0333 355 0845.  We have extensive local knowledge and we are Norwegian speakers.

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Your Event in an English Palace

You’ve thought about it, haven’t you?  Dinner or a private event in a beautiful English palace, all your own…and then maybe you dismissed the idea, because you thought it would be too expensive or not possible.  Well, it is possible.  We have some picks of the most famous and fabulous palaces available for private events in England:

Hampton Court Palace

hampton court

“The King’s Court should hath the excellence.  But Hampton Court hath the pre-eminence”  John Skelton, tutor of Henry VIII 1534.

Famous for being a favourite place of entertainment for Henry VIII, Hampton Court has played host to sumptuous banquets and stylish events since the 1530s.  It is absolutely steeped in English history and offers some of the most spectacular and glittering function spaces in England. Read more »

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she knows strawberry tart

Summer is arriving and it’s going to be strawberry season soon.  I love fresh strawberries and always want to show them off at their best.  A great way to do this is top a creme patissiere filled tart with them and glaze with glossy strawberry jam.  I promise you my strawberry tart will not last the day!   Get the recipe from SheKnows here







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5 Ideas for a Fabulous Company Summer Party

I love, love being organised and I know you do too.

It may seem slightly crazy to be thinking about summer parties when we have just started spring, but believe me, the best venues are quickly snapped up, closely followed by caterers and entertainment.  So throw on your comfortable planning heels, because we are going to dash through some ideas to make your company summer party the one they remember: Read more »

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Live events are a waste of time


Live events are a complete waste of everyone’s time! 

Have you ever heard that?  I have, and I expect you have at some point or another.  And probably from someone who doesn’t want to spend any money on an offsite conference or doesn’t want to leave their desk.


Let me give you some reasons why your company needs live events: Read more »

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The Guide to Conference Seating Layouts

Seating layouts for a conference or function can seem like a minefield, and of course, the seating style you decide upon will influence the size of the conference or function room you need.  I have put together a guide of the most popular seating styles to help you decide:

Conference seating layouts - TheatreTheatre

This one is pretty self-explanatory really.  Delegates are seated in rows facing the front of the conference room, usually with a stage and speakers.  This style of seating works well for larger numbers and makes the best use of the space.  Theatre style seating is useful if your speakers want a Q&A session.  Your event manager can easily get up and down the rows of seats with a roving microphone. The major drawback of this style of seating is that if it is not tiered, then some of the delegates at the back of the room may not have the best view of the stage.  A variation on this is herringbone, where the seats are placed on a slight diagonal to the stage. Read more »

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5 Incentives in Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town is a hugely popular city with leisure and business travellers and with good reason.  With Table Mountain looming over the city and sweeping down to the sea.  It’s a heady mix of historic colonial architecture, spectacular scenery and modern city life.  Read more »

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