Live events are a waste of time


Live events are a complete waste of everyone’s time! 

Have you ever heard that?  I have, and I expect you have at some point or another.  And probably from someone who doesn’t want to spend any money on an offsite conference or doesn’t want to leave their desk.


Let me give you some reasons why your company needs live events:

1.  NOTHING replaces human contact.  Video conferences are never going to give you that gut feeling you have when you hear a really inspiring speaker live or when you shake the hand (yes, human contact!) of someone who you connect with and who you know is going make an impact on your life or career.

2.  Networking.  Live events are not all about listening to speakers.  Even if your event has a full programme of lectures, your delegates are still going to have time for coffee breaks and lunch.  These precious moments are the chance for delegates to exchange business cards, discuss issues that they may not want to touch on in the office, or simply to get to know colleagues in other departments.

Simon Sinek

3.  Motivation. Hearing a really motivational speaker can be one of the defining moments in a person’s career.  Take Simon Sinek, for example.  He is hugely inspiring to hear even on Youtube.  So imagine what kind of motivation that could create in your workforce – the fire and enthusiasm that motivational speakers can spark.  Sometimes, just getting staff out of the office can open up creativity that they may not have realised exists with themselves.

Biscuits for business

4.  Incentive and Reward.  It doesn’t have to be all work, work, work. Even in the most packed conference schedule the organiser can find some time for an incentive of some description.  It doesn’t have to be an enormous sweeping gesture (although they are always appreciated!).  It could be something much more modest and understated, like a small gift at lunchtime or on the delegates’ seats.  Biscuiteers make some beautiful, personalised, iced biscuits (see above) that not only give the chance to present a gift, but also a branding opportunity.  There is no excuse not to let your employees know how much they are appreciated.

Ston Easton Hotel

5.  Aspirational.  Picture this: you approach the entrance of the conference centre.  A tree-lined drive meanders towards the stately home turned conference centre and you can glimpse it over the perfectly manicured lawns.  A wide sweeping courtyard welcomes you and the smell of coffee and freshly baked pastries greets you as step into the foyer.  You are immediately welcomed by a dedicated event manager and directed to your meeting room for refreshments.  Instantly you feel like a VIP.  Someone has taken the trouble to make you feel like this – the company you work for.

Every offsite meeting should feel like this.  Pick your venue with care and it is a powerful, aspirational tool.

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The Guide to Conference Seating Layouts

Seating layouts for a conference or function can seem like a minefield, and of course, the seating style you decide upon will influence the size of the conference or function room you need.  I have put together a guide of the most popular seating styles to help you decide:

Conference seating layouts - TheatreTheatre

This one is pretty self-explanatory really.  Delegates are seated in rows facing the front of the conference room, usually with a stage and speakers.  This style of seating works well for larger numbers and makes the best use of the space.  Theatre style seating is useful if your speakers want a Q&A session.  Your event manager can easily get up and down the rows of seats with a roving microphone. The major drawback of this style of seating is that if it is not tiered, then some of the delegates at the back of the room may not have the best view of the stage.  A variation on this is herringbone, where the seats are placed on a slight diagonal to the stage. Read more »

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5 Incentives in Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town is a hugely popular city with leisure and business travellers and with good reason.  With Table Mountain looming over the city and sweeping down to the sea.  It’s a heady mix of historic colonial architecture, spectacular scenery and modern city life.  Read more »

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas


To all of our wonderful friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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5 Historic Banqueting Menus

At this time of year everyone is thinking about Christmas and parties and possible menus for entertaining. It got me thinking about historic banqueting menus and for a bit of fun I’ve put together 5 menus from the past:

The Guildhall, London

Henry VIII

Could there be a more famous lover of food than Henry VII of England?!  They knew how to dine back then!!  Read more »

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5 Amazing Rooftop Bars in London

Have you ever thought to yourself how amazing it would be to see London from above?  You can.  Well, not exactly above, but certainly from a height.  Throw in a glass of something delicious and a stylish and fashionable bar and you have a recipe for an evening of success.  I am talking about rooftop bars in London.  Here are 5 of our favourites:

Rooftop bars

Radio, ME London

Radio, ME London

This stylish and modern hotel is relatively new to the London scene.  The building was a former BBC broadcasting site and the new owners have been really careful to retain as much of the provenance as possible.  Read more »

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Going down the mine….. underground meeting venues

I have to confess I LOVE mines.  I am sure I wouldn’t be quite so keen to work in one, but I do love a good mine tour.  On our continuing mission to find exciting venues for our clients’ events we stumbled upon (so to speak) a couple of absolute gems that I couldn’t resist sharing with you…..

Undergound meeting venues

Salt Mine, Wieliczka, Poland

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a UNESCO world heritage site and the most frequently visited underground tourist attraction IN THE WORLD. It is absolutely full of briney underground lakes, beautiful chambers and extraordinary scenery.  Read more »

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Dubai and Burj al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel


As winter sets in the northern hemisphere we find ourselves thinking about warmer environments.  Why not take your next event a little bit further, where the sun always shines – Dubai.  Dubai is a modern, vibrant city that is like a fantasy world.  Guests can always be assured of amazing service, food hotels, transport and so much more. Read more »

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5 Alternatives to the “Conference Lunch”

Lunch can play a huge part in the success of your event.  It’s always pleasing to read post event feedback and see that the cuisine has exceeded the expectations of your guests.  So what do you do to make the venue particularly memorable?  Pushing the boundaries with catering is one way.  You don’t have to accept the first option of a standard 2 course conference buffet lunch.  Your venue wants you and your guests to leave delighted with the service, and return time and again, and most venues are very open to changing the catering options to suit your brand and event.

We have a few alternatives that spice things up a bit and give your guests a chance to move around and network, while still taking a break and getting some nourishment ready for the afternoon session:

Alternative conference lunch


Don’t be confined to the summer with this one.  Many venues have patio heaters and the option of cooking a BBQ outside and serving it inside (I’ve even known of BBQs to be cooked inside the function room!  Read more »

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4 Winter Conference Energisers

Whether you have one hour or a full day, there are winter activities to suit your event.  Getting your delegates out of the meeting room is a good mid-conference energiser or a creative way to team-build.

For the purpose of the season, in this post let’s concentrate on activities that will suit a cold (or coldish!) climate.

Winter activities

 Ice Driving

Northern European countries and particularly Scandinavia are firm favourites with car manufacturers in the winter months.  The unique cold climate gives them a chance to test their latest models on ice and snow.  Read more »

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